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    How to get more business using a bespoke newsletter


    Engaging your audience by email can reap massive ROI for your business. But as with any marketing initiative, your success with email newsletters starts with the right strategy. Having an eye-catching email newsletter is vital to ensure you disrupt, cut through the clutter and get the correct message across.

    • We can design a special bespoke email newsletter to your specifications ready for your email marketing campaign. 
    • We also give it the full treatment in theMarketingblog group of sites.
    • We give you full tracking 
    • You get a special rate of £135 per month. Call today Will on 01784 434 412

    It's a 'Result Machine'

    A bespoke newsletter that drives leads

    A monthly newsletter allows you to keep your company right up in front of thousands of existing and potential clients


    The main benefits for you are ..

    1. A monthly newsletter which can be sent to your database in order to drive home the very real opportunity you offer.
    2. Leverage your website - your articles will automatically be formatted according to your site's look & feel.
    3. Easy: set up once and forget..We do all the work
    4. Most of your newsletter stories, articles etc. will be loaded into theMarketingblog group of sites. A ‘happy’ extra benefit. www.themarketingblog.co.uk

    What is it going to cost me?

    Better still it will not wreck your hard pressed marketing budget

    I have a special price offer for your bespoke newsletter


    A monthly bespoke newsletter is priced at only £135 per month. Or even better £970 for the full year. These very special rates apply only to end November 2019.. so get going!


    TheMarketingblog uses E-goi as its newsletter platform.

    What else do I need to know?

    Are you getting your message through to the right prospects on a regular basis?

    A quality bespoke newsletter (plus full integration into your website) is now available

    • Let’s get started. I can get an issue out for you in less than a week
    • Better still we can send up to 25,000 emails out for you - at no charge.
    • Do not forget you get the full benefit of real time tracking results 
    • We take care of the articles etc. - saving you precious time
    • It's a winner, winner, winner

    Call me today...Building trust through bespoke newsletters

    Will Corry 01784 434 412

  • What is it going to cost?

    Special rates until November 2018 only

    Twice a Month

    Only £170 per month

    • A fortnightly bespoke newsletter for your operation onlly £170 a month for coverage and thrust every two weeks. 
    • It is a no brainer! 
    • It's full house service
    • It'a a marketing winner!

    Only £135 per month

    • If you prefer a monthly bespoke newsletter it is priced at only £135 per month. 
    • Or £985 for the full year.
    • Remember you get full house service.
    • These very special rates apply only to end November 2019.. so get going!
  • Meet Will Corry

    The UK content creator - specialising in bespoke newsletters

    What they say ....


    "TheMarketingblog is a great platform for sharing news and content. Will and the team score a big A+ on the likes of content marketing, social media and the overall presentation. In addition, the level of service is extremely responsive and open, somewhat of a rarity these days. "

    Alex Burmaster, Meteor Public Relations


    Will is a leader in the Newsletters for Business sector. I've used Will at Ipsos and at The Oxford Research Agency to publish PR for our agencies, both of which have led to new business.

    The work Will conducted for me at Ipsos was presented to the MRS Conference which showed over £500k of proposals being generated. I'd recommend Will's services to any new business wanting to punch above their weight

    Chris Sinclair, Head of Ipsos Marketing Research, EMEA


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